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Antibody Humanization

Murine antibody can cause immunogenicity and reduced efficacy in human body. Antibody humanization can reduce the immunogenicity of murine monoclonal antibody. A common approach for humanization is complementary determining regions (CDR) grafting, in which 6 CDRs from a murine antibody are grafted onto a human antibody framework (FR). Some residues from the murine framework sequences need to be retained to replace the human residues at the corresponding positions (back mutations) in order to restore some of the lost affinity. Full-length IgG display libraries which containing FR/CDR variants are the best format to screen for binding properties in antibody humanization.

Based on extensive experience and full-length IgG pichia display, Genekine provides premium quality service to generate humanized antibody. The humanized antibody has comparable binding affinity with parental antibody, and contains over 90% of human amino acid sequences.


1. Antibody sequence and structure analysis;

2. 3-D structural modeling;

3. Construction and display of full-length IgG humanization library;

4. FACS sorting to screen for IgG with high binding affinity and expression level. 

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